If  you do....this is for YOU!!!
The winner receives a $4500 AAA Travel Voucher, plus, the seller receives a $4500 AAA Travel Voucher, and the club associated with winning ticket gets a $4500 check from the District!  Remember, the Travel Voucher can be used for any commercially available travel offered by AAA and does not expire.  Proceeds can be broken up to pay for multiple trips.  The voucher can be re-gifted to anyone.  Such an awesome prize!  The Second Prize is a condo stay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico plus $1000 to use for airfare. The third prize is $500 at Best Buy.   
THE DRAWING.  The drawing will be held in Boise with three witnesses present and it will be broadcast to everyone as part of the REMOTE LUAU activities on May 16, 2020 6:30 to 8:30 pm  AND, ONE MORE THING!!  The winner gets a $4500 AAA Travel Voucher AND the person who sold the ticket ALSO GETS a $4500 Travel Voucher!!  AND, the club the seller represents also gets $4500!!  It has to be worth at least purchasing a few tickets with your name as the buyer AND the seller....that would mean a prize of $9000 in AAA Travel Voucher!!
Tickets are $10 each. Let NANCY know how many ticket you want and she will BILL YOU for them.  Once you sell them (or determine to keep them for yourself) send her or Ben the name and phone number of the buyer (even if it's you) and the name of the seller (yep, even if that is you too).  They will then fill out the tickets for you!  It really can't get any easier than that!
ALL tickets must be ordered  by May 5.  Nancy will write ONE check to send to the district with the ticket stubs.
Questions?  Contact Ben Mock, President Elect and Raffle Ticket Chairman.   ben@idselectins.com
                          oR  Nancy Kelly, Treasurer     office.littleco.@gmail.com