THIS SATURDAY.....SEPTEMBER 12......Emmett Rotary members will join with other Emmett groups to CLEAN UP EMMETT!  
BE AT THE BAND SHELL ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 AT 8:00 AM TO GET YOUR ASSIGNMENT - If you haven't "signed up" yet it easy.  Just email Ben or respond to this email with your name and any helpers you can bring.  We will be SOCIALLY DISTANCING and/or wearing masks (your preference). 
We need at least 5 coolers . (Water Gatoraid)  
Main Street beverage has covered ice. 
We have a few elderly homes that need cleaned up! 
Afterwards, Little Livestock Company and Potter Funeral Chapel are supplementing the Frontier Cinema for up to 200 people to get a $2.50 voucher to attend any Tuesday showing of a movie or to apply on the ticket cost for any other night.  Thank you to Roy Dransfield of the Cinema who is also donating funds!
This is a huge endeavor and we ALL are needed to make it a success!  See you SATURDAY at 8 AM!