PINS 4 POLIO is scheduled for Saturday, October 24 - WORLD POLIO DAY!  Plans are underway so make YOUR PLANS to come out and support the cause of eradicating polio from the world!   We are "this close" and I can't help but think of District Governor Ben Nelson's remarks that there are kids in the world that were "this close" to having the's a lot to think about.  They will be crippled for life.
Rotary has been at the forefront of eradicating the world of Polio for a number of  years now.  Let's do our part!  Emmett Rotary Proud!!!
THANK YOU to our Pins 4 Polio Volunteers for 2020!
Dave Little - Sponsors/Lane Sponsor Signs
Nancy Kelly - Registration/Fees
John Buck - Silent Auction Items - if you have an item or two to donate, please contact John - 208-369-1785 or email
Kathy Buck - Flyers/Forms
??? - Silent Auction  (someone to actually set up and run the silent auction - training provided!)
and our FEARLESS LEADER - Daniel Brice!!!

Please contact Daniel or Kathy if you want to help...especially if you want to BOWL!!!   Who will bowl a perfect 300 this year?  John did in 2018 and Kathy repeated it in 2019.  Of course, it's a 7 pin, no tap contest so you only have to knock down 7 pins with your first ball all ten frames and you get that perfect score!!! YOU CAN DO IT TOO!
The form will be sent to all Rotarians in a separate email so watch for it...fill it out...and return it to Nancy, Kathy or to KT's Lanes (Terri Simpson) as soon as possible!