Rotary Club of Emmett Board Updates

We had a very interesting and informative board meeting last week.  I wanted to report to the entire membership the results of two major items:
1st - There have been many questions/concerns about our charging members for meals they don't eat because they can't attend that day for one reason or another.  After looking at our bank balance and our spending patterns over the last couple of years and much discussion:
         Treasurer TJ Adams moved that we no longer charge for lunches not eaten but increase our monthly dues $1.00  a month (total $2.50). 
         Wendi Kern seconded and the motion passed.  This will go into effect for the October billing
2nd - After hearing a report from Membership Chairman Chad Taylor, the board voted to expend up to $500 to purchase a bell and gavel for the Kuna Club once it is formed.  Our club is the sponsor for the Kuna Club; Chad is our contact person for Kuna.
If you have any questions about either expenditure, please don't hesitate to contact me.