After a long COVID break, the Interact Club is growing again with a new recycling program. Collection has begun with the goal of eliminating 12 tons of recyclable materials from local landfills in 2022.
Interact is a service Club for kids 12-18, sponsored by the Emmett Rotary Club. Our Emmett Interact Club is open to all youth, ages 12-18. The club is service oriented, but also explores various career options. The Advisory board received $3200 in grants and matching funds from the District Rotary Environmental Sustainability Team (REST), the Emmett Rotary Club, and the Emmett Rotary Foundation. These funds will be used to purchase supplies and equipment for the program.
The Mayor and City Manager are excited about the new program, and are committed to help in any way possible. Many local businesses have already agreed to be a part of the pilot program, as well as Emmett High School and PR2TA.
Why Recycling? Recycling helps the planet, the community, and the local economy. According to environmental researchers at Stanford University, half of everything that ends up in the landfill could have been recycled! Our landfill will eventually be full, and we will have to replace it. Reducing waste today will extend the lifespan of our landfill and reduce costs. Recycling pays, and with the help of the community, our youth groups can create a sustainable year-round income. All of the money raised will stay right here to support our kids.
The public can get involved in a lot of ways! Donate, Participate, and Educate.
Whether you love the environment, or just hate waste, your aluminum, glass, plastic and cardboard can be donated to support your favorite local youth group. Collection times and locations will be posted on your favorite local media pages.
Tim Thornock, a friend of Steve Bork's, donated a pallet jack to the program which will make moving the loaded containers easier. 
We still need a few things- 
We need a permanent location for the cardboard compactor. It is 8 feet wide, 3 feet deep, and about 10 foot tall. It needs 220v to operate. If anyone can help us find a place to install it we will be on our way! 
We need more advisors and a lot of students! The pilot program is exposing some bugs in the system, and the more heads we can put together, the better we will be able to solve the problems that arise. 
Help us educate the community by sharing this information on your favorite social platform, talking to your friends and neighbors, and encouraging local businesses to participate.
To be a part of this exciting program, or for more information, email or call Ben Mock at 208-880-4890   WE NEED YOU!!!
Recycling Bins at the Gem County Senior Center.