Souper Bowl for the Super Bowl


Emmett Rotary

Rotary is partnering up once again with the local Food Coalition for our annual Souper Bowl fundraiser. This year we will be doing a dollars for points pledgea- thon. Game rules are easy. Pick your team, and how much you would like to pledge for each point they score. (i.e.

$1 per point if the score is 7 points, your pledge is $7). And don’t forget to make your guess on your favorite team’s final score! The person whose guess is closest to the actual score will win a Souper Duper Prize.

Final score game is $5 per entry. (Yes, you can make more than one!)

All proceeds go to the Emmett Valley Friendship Coalition to assist in their efforts to feed people in Gem County.

Please contact Nicole Mock at 208.880.5056 if you would like additional details or if you would like to make a pledge!

Let’s make this our best Souper Bowl yet! Get your pledge in prior to 4:30 p.m. kickoff on Sunday, February 11.