Do you know any adventurous students who want to study abroad? Send them our way!
Who's eligible? 
For the 2019-20 exchange year, we will happily consider students (1) who were born between 3/1/2001 and 3/1/2004*, (2) who have demonstrated leadership abilities, (3) who are flexible and willing to try new things, (4) who are open to culture experiences, and (5) who are willing to serve as an ambassador for our state and our country.  
 *Note: if the student is outside this window of birthdates, talk to me and I can give you advice.

Why exchange?
Why? This is a great way to learn a new language, learn about new cultures, expand and grow your independence and leadership skills, and become a world citizen.

Do you know a student who's Interested? 
Our next cycle of recruitment and training is happening right now. 

Get more information on our District 5400 Youth Exchange program website:

The preliminary application is an online form much like the one you completed for RYLA:

IMPORTANT: The deadline for submitting this preliminary application form is SOON!  (Technically the deadline is September 15; however, we will continue to accept applications through the whole month and possibly into October... In other words submit it as soon as possible or contact me to communicate your intentions.)

What's it like to be an outbound exchange student? 
I encourage you to find the exchange students in your school and ask them what it's like to be on foreign exchange. They know better than anyone what it's like. 

What is the selection process? 
Please note that selection is somewhat competitive because we typically have more candidates than we have available positions. Our selection process helps us identify students who are well-suited for a year abroad, and it also helps us identify the best placement options (where do we send you) for each student.
  1. Interested students submit their preliminary application online by mid September and each application is assigned to a participating Rotary club. 
  2. Clubs hold preliminary interviews with the students and their parent(s). This should happen by October 5.
  3. By October 5, clubs nominate their candidate(s) for the district-level selection event.  
  4. Between October 8 and November 1, candidates who are nominated by the clubs will be asked to complete additional paperwork.  
  5. On November 3, these candidates attend the district-level selection event in Buhl. Students must attend in person with at least one parent. The event runs from 8:30am to 5:00pm. 
  6. By November 25, candidates will know whether they are accepted into the next class of outbounds. 
  7. New outbounds learn of their country placement by January 15. 

If you have questions, let me know. 

I'm happy to talk with candidates and/or parents about the program any time.
I appreciate you thinking about this.
Mike Markley