Next THURSDAY, MARCH 5 - remember to turn in your completed merchant contact sheet to Perry! Having these done this early will give us time to advertise and promote the auction!! Any donations received can be stored at Potter Chapel or at Perry's office.  Just let John or Perry know what you need.
If you have leads on possible table sponsors, or have one committed, be sure to let Tim know so we can have a complete master list...again, advertising is a promise we give them so we want to be fair to all who have committed!  We will be putting articles in the Messenger and the Gazette as often as possible to advertise.
The fun is just beginning!  
**Dian donated a lot of island type decorations that the Chamber has used in the past so we will be using those with the addition of some flamingos.  And, we even have a lead on where we MIGHT get some of those.  If you have any floating around that we can borrow for that night or know someone who does, let John or Kathy know.  
**Dinner tickets will be available this week for you to sell.
**Raffle tickets are selling well.  
SAVE THE DATE....May 2nd!!!