At the District 5400 Mid Winter Assembly on February 28, we were treated to a video presentation by Michael McQueen, author of "The New Rules of Engagement", a book centered on the reasons the Generation Y/Milleniels are or are not joining clubs like Rotary.  He spoke specifically about Rotary and what our clubs offer, how we advertise ourselves, how we welcome visitors to our club meetings, how and WHY we do certain things, etc.  It was a very enlightening session and it was interesting to note that the main strategy seemed to be questions we need to ask ourselves:
1 - Do we want to engage young people in our club?
2 - Are we even expecting to?
Another thought provoking statement was we need to FOCUS on the OUTCOME, not the process.   Rotary is the way to produce the OUTCOME, Rotary is the vehicle.  He challenged us to be OUTCOME and PURPOSE DRIVEN. 
There was so much more shared!  We are hoping to obtain the video to share at a couple of our club meetings.
Jim Hugge shared about the CADRE Membership Development program, Marianne Barker gave us information on the R.I. and District awards (most deadlines are March 31!) for our clubs and District 5400 President Elect Ken Howell shared his vision and the new logo for the 2015-2016 Rotary International year which is, "Be A Gift To The World".  In his presentation, Ken pointed out that the word "BE" was the most important word in the slogan.  We have to BE ourselves, BE relevant and BE enthusiastic.  
Those attending were President Tim Fleming, Terry Jones, Emily Fleming (representing Interact), and Kathy Buck.