“Due to some restructuring and redefining of my job group at Idaho Power, I’m not able to continue my term as President of the Emmett Rotary Club. I hope to remain a member of the Club, but it’s unlikely that you’ll see my smiling face at noon meetings (which may be a relief). The Board has asked Kathy Buck, as immediate past president, to finish out my term and she has graciously agreed. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as a board member and officer of Emmett Rotary, and to participate as a member in the great works which this Club has, and continues to, carry out in the community. I have seen the resiliency of this Club firsthand and I have no doubt that despite the current crop of changes, the Club will carry on its work and continue to put service above self in helping the community both locally and globally. I hope to see you all from time to time and I’ll miss our noontime conversations, especially with my fellow codgers in the Codger Corner.  My best to all of you, and always be asking “is it fun?" 
Kurtis Hall