The Emmett School is hosting our third annual “Principal for a Day” event which will be held Wednesday, February 15th from 9am - 1pm. (click the heading for more content)

Our Principal for a Day event is an opportunity for business owners and community members to visit our wonderful schools and experience an insider’s look … from the perspective of a school leader! The purpose of the event is to bring community leaders and members into our schools to build partnerships together.

As a participant as a Principal for a Day, you will learn about the daily operations of our schools directly from principals and administrators as well as visit with teachers and students to gain even more insight! As a guest principal, you may attend student performances, participate in a class activity, tour the building, share ideas and feedback with other stakeholders, or take part in other activities of choice. All guest principals will have a different experience because the series of activities are unique to each school.


The morning begins with the building principal, and you’ll get a genuine feel for the daily operations of our schools. After a few hours, you and your principal will gather for a special lunch catered by the students at Payette River Regional Technical Academy. All guest principals and administrators will convene with Superintendent Woods and discuss their experiences and potential commitments for future involvement with our schools.


Principal for a Day will be hosted in the Emmett School District on Wednesday, February 15, 2023. If you are interested in participating in Principal for a Day, please email us directly at or follow the link below to secure your position!




Katie Watkins

Emmett School District

Director of Human Resources and Communications

(208) 365-6301