The Emmett Rennaissance Faire is October 8-9. As you know, the vendor contract requires that ALL people who are "working" at the Faire must be dressed in period attire. This will require some preparation on our part and advance planning. The Idea is to dress as your "persona" would dictate. For example, you might want to be Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, a jester, a sorcerer, a crusader, peasant, king, tavern keeper, knight, wizard, princess, queen, get the idea. Not only is costume required, but there are accoutrements as well, such as swords, knives, hats, wigs, scepter and the always necessary pewter mug. Did you know that belts are not to keep your pants up but to hang things from? And no self respecting person would ever leave home without a head covering.

I have spoken to Joe Scofield of the Society for Creative Anachronistic Performance. He says organizers are interested in "the attempt" to play the game and dress appropriately, recognizing this is the first year of the event and a challenge to folks like us! It might be nothing more than a sheet with a rope around your waist. See what you can find at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

To help you in this process, I have found the following websites that might give you some ideas. I also plan to visit The Costume Shop on Chinden Blvd to see what they have. Good Luck!

Read this first! Describes Medieval attire!



The Costume Shop Boise

Faire Photo

Medieval Outfits

Ren Faire Photos Richard Lowery